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Just Keep Moving

One can always tell when I’ve been working out regularly, because I will bomb your social media feeds constantly with Polar HRM pictures. Why? Because everyone knows a workout didn’t really happen unless you have the HRM proof and share it with the world.

Week 1 (April 29th-May 5th)
Monday: Cardio Body Sculpt
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Boot Camp
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Boot Camp
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 4.26 Mile Walk/Jog

Photo May 02, 9 55 30 AM Photo May 01, 7 17 16 AM
Photo May 03, 8 02 35 AM 943797_189248794559508_1093549279_n

Even during my peak, those workouts would have been considered a solid week, if not a little overkill. But a wise spin instructor once told me, “It is okay to slow down if you get tired, but whatever you do, keep moving your legs. It is much harder to get going again once you stop.” If you’ve ever taken a spin class, you will know that this is true. Take all the resistance off if you have to, just don’t stop pedaling. This is also true for working out in general.

Clearly I had been struggling to find some sort of routine, but it’s been two weeks of my best behavior and I’m ready to call it a comeback. This is a critical period for me; I’m in a groove so I cannot stop moving. If I have the energy, why not fill in the spaces between? So I revisited my old nemesis: running. RunKeeper has all kinds of workout plans depending on your goals, and I casually chose the “Beginner Half Marathon” one.

NOT because I’m training for a half marathon. Not out loud anyway; remember how my plans always fall apart when I declare my goals like that? But really, I’m not. It’s not a big deal. I am just looking to improve my distance capabilities and endurance. The plan was seemingly made for me, since the runs are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Convenient, right?

Week 2 (May 6th-in progress)
Monday: Boot Camp
Tuesday: 3.14 Mile Walk/Jog
Wednesday: Boot Camp
Thursday: Spin & 3.1 Mile JOG!
Friday-Sunday: in progress

Photo May 07, 6 27 08 AM Photo May 08, 7 02 55 AM
Photo May 09, 7 52 43 AM Photo May 10, 9 43 38 AM

I could be proud of the fact that, even though I woke up too late Thursday morning to get my run in before work, I decided to hit up the 7am spin class instead. I could be even prouder that I didn’t skip my run completely and laced up to get it done when I got home from work. But what I am proudest of, is that I ran the entire thing. I knew I had the 30+ minute continuous runner in me; I’d done it a few times before, but I thought I had a long way to go before I got back to that point.

I warmed up by briskly walking to the park, which is about half a mile from my house. The park has dirt track that loops around a couple baseball diamonds; one loop = half a mile. My workout called for an three easy miles (slow pace), so that’s six times around the track (math whiz!).

My boot camp instructor sometimes has us warm up by running one loop around the track within five minutes. For those who can’t run a mile under ten minutes, the modification is a run to the corner of one baseball diamond and back, then laps around the basketball courts until the five minutes is up. I don’t like having to do the modification, but I also don’t want them waiting on me while I schlep around the track.

At the beginning of last night’s run, without any pressure from the boot camp sergeant, I set one goal for myself: you don’t have to go fast, you don’t even have to beat five minutes, just make it around the whole thing without stopping. RunKeeper chimed in my ear at the five minute mark, and I was closer to the end of the loop than I thought I’d be, and I easily met my goal.

But why stop there? I set another goal: run the first mile without stopping. Boom, done. I continued to set these small goals in my head, which must have distracted me enough from my crying lungs and achy legs, because before I knew it, I was rounding the corner on my sixth lap, then sprinting a final 0.1 miles to log an even 5K. If I wasn’t in a public place, I would have thrown my arms up and crossed an imaginary tape, then collapsed to my knees and wept.

No, I wouldn’t have. I mean it was just three miles for Pete’s sake. A slow three miles. Many of you lovelies can do that in your sleep, or on “rest days.” But this is me, the hater of running, and I am infinitely proud of myself.

I skipped boot camp this morning because I had an early meeting at work, and I really should take a rest day, but I might do something low impact to keep my mojo going. Tomorrow I have another three miles on the schedule, and Sunday I’ve got spin in the morning plus another five miles. And you know what’s weird? I’m really looking forward to it.

Super Mae Sunday

Fun fact: the very first website I ever built circa 1997 was called Super Mae Land and hosted on Geocities. Back then, we hand coded in Notepad, organized and archived our blog entries manually in directories, and uploaded everything via FTP. Look it up, kids. 😉

So, I didn’t make it to that 9:30am Zumba class, but it was on purpose, because I decided to hit up an 11:45am Spin class instead. Like most things I attempt, after taking that first spin class, my interest fizzled out almost immediately and I never went back again. Truth be told, it took driving around the block ten times and finally finding a parking spot to decide that I would actually go in and do it. I could have easily given up on the parking spot and gone home, but I need to stop being so flaky.

a376fe346e4211e29f5522000a9f14ae_7It was a short 45-minute beginner class with a lot of time spent instructing newcomers on how to set up their bike, so the spin portion was only about 30 minutes. 30 very efficient, sweaty, and painful minutes. I worked out yesterday, but my stamina is nowhere near its peak, so it was perfect for me. The instructor was awesome! He really made the new folks comfortable.

I nearly passed out during the second position runs (standing up) but I managed to stick it out and not put my butt down before he called time. Sprints were no biggie; I gots some big ass leg muscles, so next time I’ll up the resistance a tad.

The best part is the class is only $10, so I signed up for next Sunday as well. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a regular thing for me. Sunday morning spinner. I like the sound of that. Before then I gotta get some clips for my pretty spin shoes, though my Nike x-trainers held up well.

7d810ae26e5811e2996322000a9f1313_7In yesterday’s Weight Watchers meeting we discussed Super Bowl and the food and parties that come with it. Sure, if the food is there, I’ll probably mindlessly eat it, but to me it’s not a big eating occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It wasn’t second nature to me yet, but I did ignore all the junk and fix my own little elementary school lunch.

That’s 1.5 servings of Popchips tortilla chips, a hard-boiled egg, and grapes for a total of 7PP. The chips weren’t the best use of points, but I can guarantee it’s lightyears better than anything else that was offered.

For dinner, I made Slender Kitchen’s super easy egg salad with some slight modifications (no mustard, and two egg yolks instead of one) for 3PP along with half a light Flat Out wrap for a total of 4PP. As a bonus, I have the other half of the egg salad ready to go for lunch tomorrow.

I’m feeling good. This weekend I had no thought in my mind at all to binge or eat something without tracking it, so it was easy to make the healthy choices. Weight loss professionals and textbooks will tell you not to lose weight for a specific event or establish a deadline, because that can be the kiss of death. But I’ll be honest, I’ve got a wedding coming up (not mine, ha!) in late March, and Fitbloggin’ in June, so…I wanna look good, damn it! Not “goal weight” good, but an improvement over the last couple months, at least.

One day at a time, and day 2 is officially in the books.

Today Rocked. Rolled. Spun. Whatever.

Every morning, Monday through Friday, I wake up before the sun and get ready for the workday ahead. This is before I’ve had my brain potion (coffee) so I don’t really think about how my day is going to look, whether it’ll be a good one or a bad one. I put on the previous night’s Daily Show, and Colbert if I have time, and let it entertain me while I haplessly apply my makeup. I’m terrible at putting on makeup.

About half an hour later I’m out the door, driving the mostly empty streets in my still-sleeping city, on the way to work. Going about 25mph on a small residential street, I approached a tall, blonde, Peeta-looking dude walking past. I didn’t even realize I was staring at him until he looked up, met my eyes, and gave me a cute little smirk/wave/wink. If it wouldn’t have been totally weird and sex-offenderish, I would have turned around and offered him a ride. Maybe some free candy from the back of my van or something. Instead, I beamed inwardly and spent a few minutes making up a backstory in my head about this tall blonde stranger carrying a backpack and baseball mitt. I love baseball players.

The rest of the drive to work was even better. My office is only 1.5 miles away from my house, but depending on LA traffic it can take up to 30-40 minutes to get there. Especially since there is a traffic light seemingly every 50 yards. Amazingly enough, almost every single light remained green for me as I zoomed past. With each one I said to myself, “this fucking rules.” Made it to the office in a record seven minutes.

Maybe, just maybe, today was going to be a good day.

Work was work as usual, a light morning with only one meeting, and I was handling business at my usual pace. Then the mail came, and I got this pleasant surprise. A few weeks ago, I donated to Sheryl Yvette‘s fundraising efforts, because that’s just what I do. Seriously, if you catch me on a good or bad day and mention you’re raising money for something, chances are my bleeding heart will throw some dough your way. I figure it’ll be less money spent on stupid shit and more money for someone else who needs it.

A fun side benefit, aside from the whole do-gooding thing, was that I got a signed copy of her Weight Watchers Weekly! A totally unexpected but wonderful gesture.

Wow, today really is shaping up to be a great day.

But it didn’t end there. Later, one of my sweetest (if not THE sweetest) Twitter pal, @NewVeronica2011, showed me this awesome (and completely unjustified! ;)) snippet from her own journal.

If I were a cryer and not a cold, dead, robot inside, I would’ve cried right there at my desk. Showing people that they CAN FREAKING DO ANYTHING, just look at MY lazy ass, is my second favorite thing about this weight loss journey.

Is that all? Oh, why no, of course not. Tonight was my first ever Spin class, and I am amazed that I actually went through with it. From the day I booked the class and up until about two hours prior to start, I was so excited. Couldn’t wait. Then the uncertainty and nerves set in, and I wondered what I was getting myself into. But there was no way I was going to back out, and now that I’ve done it, I wonder why I never thought to do it before.

I arrived at the studio way early, and while I felt kinda dumb, it gave me a chance to observe the class already in progress. I must have stuck out like a sore, scared thumb because when the instructor for my class arrived, she immediately came up to me and said “Hi, Mae! So glad you could join us for your first ever class!” I was really impressed that she took the initiative to introduce herself to me first. She was really impressed with me for having my padded-ass-shorts and spin shoes ready, but oops, no clips. It didn’t even dawn on me that I’d need my own clips, so she put my feet in cages instead.

Everyone at the studio, from the instructors to the other spinners, was amazingly nice and welcoming to the newbie. The class itself was tough for sure. In the first few minutes I really wasn’t sure what tension I should be set at, so I just did a basic ride to get my heart rate up. Not long after, I found my stride and was able to follow along (mostly) with the sprints, jumps and so on. The sweat running down my face, to my neck, and down my back was out of control. So glad I splurged on that $1 towel since I forgot mine at home.

Because this was my first spin class (really my first workout class EVER, aside from yoga) I don’t know if this is what’s normally done, but we were on the bikes for about 45 minutes, and spent the last 15 with some pushups, ab work, and light yoga. After class, the instructor and a few other spinners came up to me to give me kudos on a great first ride. Aww, come on! You’re just saying that… 😉 I felt like I did keep up pretty well though, and I probably surprised the instructor with my stamina for being a first-timer. To give myself a little street cred I let it slip that oh, you know, I’ve lost 112 pounds and all, so… this grabbed the attention of some others within earshot.

“WHAT?! that is amazing!”
“That is a whole person!”
“I’ve never known anyone in real life to lose that much weight!”
“Are you having to buy all new clothes?”

HA! You have no idea. I beamed with pride. And then remembered what a special group us losers (I’m lookin’ at you, Tweeps) truly are.

So yeah, hook, line and sinker. Got home and reserved my bike for next Wednesday night. I nearly signed up for a Saturday morning class, but with that being my only rest day, I decided against it. I’m still doing Insanity but will probably continue to skip Cardio Recovery days in favor of Spin. Sorry, Shaun T!

Special shout-out to @Sully716 and @scribble_nibble for convincing me to try something I would have never thought to try before. Now look what you’ve done!