You’ll hardly ever catch me complaining about a Monday morning. Of course there are a dozen other places I’d rather be than at work, like on my own private island, but I like my job. The human interaction with non-sloppy drunk crackheads is always a welcome beginning to the week.

ww-tracking090913The day started off with a rare, and long overdue visit with my Weight Watchers tracker (and MyFitnessPal too). Clearly my second round of Whole30 was not a success, nor was my transition into full time Paleo. Call it lack of discipline, laziness, or rebellion, I don’t know. I just find myself over-thinking shit and getting stressed out in the process.

I’ve said it so many times before. Weight Watchers is what works for me. Weight Watchers is what I need to do for the long haul. Just like every food philosophy out there, it is not for everyone. And while there is technically no wrong way to use your points, there is a way to use them intelligently.

I know my constant back and forth gets tiring. It just goes to show that even after having been at this for so long, and after over 130 pounds lost, I still don’t really know what the HELL I’m doing. It’s a process…

Getting back into some sort of regular workout routine will help a lot; there is a serious lack of endorphins in my life. I’ve done light things, like my thrice-daily walks around the block (a little over 1/4 mile each) to break up the work day, and I walk around/take the stairs as much as possible. Thankfully I am cleared to start doing more this week. Dr. Minniti says I can even start jogging, so I will try that in the mornings or evenings when it’s not too hot.

My spin studio offers a beginner class which is shorter in length, and helpful to those getting back into it after a long hiatus. I miss spin and it’s relatively low impact, so that’s another option. The main thing is I don’t want to use my arms too much yet, and jumping around and bouncing hurts my boobs. Dr. Minniti assures me my breasts are healing just fine, but I still get a little paranoid that I’m going to dislodge them somehow. I’m totally smart and reasonable.

Let’s make it a good week, shall we?

Weight Watchers Success Story Part 1: “The Call”
Weight Watchers Success Story Part 2: “The Shoot”

And the conclusion to the trilogy is “The Story.” When I woke up yesterday morning I only had one thing on my mind: omelet. I want an omelet and a sweet potato. Maybe some avocado; I don’t know if I’ll have time. When I got to work, I had my omelet, sweet potato, and avocado for breakfast. My day was complete by 8am.

Later, while waiting for a program to load, I checked Tweetdeck and saw this:

My exact reaction, in this order: 1) stomach dropped, 2) quickly closed Tweetdeck, as if to “hide” from the embarrassment, 3) text Dawn with “OH GOD. My WW story is up.” So yeah, it’s up. All I have to say is they did some Oscar-caliber editing with my interview. All in all, I am pleased with the final product, though a tiny part of me wishes I could have postponed it until after I’ve reached goal.



And…it could happen to you!

Weight Watchers is holding another contest just like the one I entered last year. Even though I didn’t win the grand prize, the only reason they knew about me was because I entered this contest. They are always looking for REAL people who have had REAL success on their program, because that’s the best type of advertising there is. My fellow Weight Watcher ladies (and gents) are living, breathing, marathoning, triathloning billboard advertisements.

I am proud to know so many of you (you know who you are) that have lost (and maintained) a stupid high amount of weight on WW, so I encourage you to enter if you weren’t thinking about it already. But of course you were, right? You’re not dumb.

Start drafting your 400-word essays now! The contest begins on July 21st. And if you want (being totally serious here) I can look over it for you and give you some tips. ;)

Exactly two years ago, my company decided to throw a “Mae Appreciation Day” party for no reason in particular. I think it was just a completely random act of kindness orchestrated by my boss; I wasn’t threatening to quit or throwing fits or anything. From that day forth, May 9th was to be known as “Mae Day,” and while we never celebrated it again, I celebrate “Mae Day” for a completely different reason: it was Day 1.

When I sat down to write this entry, I was going to say something along the lines of “I have no profound words, yadda yadda yadda” but laughed when I saw that I had already written something like that last year. Guess some things never change. I’m going to glaze over the fact that I am only 12 pounds lighter than I was a year ago and focus on the good things. Good things, like I am not 12 pounds heavier. I’m also going to venture a guess that I’ve got much more muscle tone and athletic ability now versus then. Not much, but more nonetheless.

Here’s the picture I posted in my 1st anniversary entry compared to present day. What do you think? Any difference? I think I see it most in my face. And maybe my super ripped shoulders. ;)

Photo May 09, 4 01 17 PM

I wish I could be more upbeat and positive with this entry, but the truth is I am not terribly proud of anything I’ve done this second year (difference of 12 pounds) compared to my first (difference of 114 pounds). Is it a sophomore jinx? Complacency? Abundance of attention? The good news is I’ve had a really good two weeks, which is the longest well-behaved streak I’ve had in recent months.

Once again, I am contemplating tracking solely with WeightWatchers again beginning this weekend, and maybe…just maybe even reactivating that ActiveLink I disliked so much. My main workouts are boot camp and running now, which involves a lot of movement, so I am curious what kind of APs they will award me. I refuse to believe that white piece of plastic is THAT useless.

Hopefully Mae Day 2014 will bring much happier, and goalier, news.

Remember when this happened? Honestly, I sometimes forget it happened too. That was last October, at the height of my “weight loss career” (because let’s face it, this shit is a full time job). Since then I’ve put out a few singles that have made the top 40 charts, but haven’t had a platinum record in a while.

The reason I bring it up is because yesterday, my friend Danielle rang me with what she called exciting news to share. She works at my company’s franchise location in NYC, which is also where WeightWatchers’ headquarters is. She was signing up a parent for classes (we do Mommy & Me type classes), and when Danielle learned the parent worked for WeightWatchers, naturally she brought me up. The parent mentioned that, at the WW office, they have a wall decorated with all of their favorite success story photo shoot alumni. Danielle gave her my name, she looked me up, and lo and behold, I made it to the wall!


This was my first time seeing a finished product of my shoot. I don’t remember my dress being that short, nor my legs being that tanned. I’m not on the website or published anywhere else as far as I know; they said they’d give us a heads up before our stories went live. My friend and fellow success story Trixie says it took them over a year to post hers, so I’m not holding my breath. To be honest, appearing on any WeightWatchers marketing materials is just an afterthought at this point. All of the pride, honor, and fun already happened. Still cool seeing my shit eating grin plastered on the wall nevertheless.

Oh WeightWatchers, you just love to love me, despite how badly I treat you. One day, after I’m done sowing my wild oats with MyFitnessPal and the like, I’ll realize that you were the best I ever had.

When I tracked my weight on the eTools app this morning, it gave me this sad little “better luck next time, kid” message.


It also seemed a little passive aggressive if you ask me. My week was not any better than last week fitness-wise, but I did do a lot better with my food. I have no excuses; some days I had every intention of working out but made the decision to do something else instead. It happens. Totes magotes inspirational, I am. Despite my laziness, I am very much looking forward to spin tomorrow morning.

On Monday morning I go in for dental surgery. The kind so major that it is the first in a series of three surgeries spanning ten months (count ‘em, TEN), and I will be under general anesthesia each time. This usually means a lot of pain, soft foods, and a lot of drugs. The nurse said that I need to have someone drop me off and pick me up, but since I live across the street (and down one block) she offered to have me wheeled home instead. I hope she wasn’t joking. Or that they’ll at least let me walk home.

Chances are I won’t be able to eat solid foods for a few days, so I’m taking advantage of this disadvantage by doing a 3-day Shakeology cleanse. *Crowd murmurs* Yeah, a cleanse! That word has such a negative connotation to it, right? The Shakeology cleanse allows for fruits as snacks in between my liquid breakfast and lunch, and a leafy green salad with lean protein for dinner. Plus, I have all this goddamn leftover Shakeology from an autoship I kept forgetting to cancel so I’m killing a few birds with one stone.

Now, I’ll be lying if I wasn’t already going over the candidates for my “last meal” tomorrow evening before I have to fast for 12 hours. Hmmm… sushi? Tacos? Korean bbq?

If you are an observant person, or care enough about my life, it is easy to tell via social medias when I’m not having the greatest of weeks, healthwise. My tweets are few and far between, and my Instagram photos are of dogs and shoes. Week 3 of my reboot was not one for the books. It started off well enough; went to spin on Sunday (third week in a row- that’s a record!) but that was the extent of my activity for the week.

That evening, I had a really awkward date I’d like to zap from my memory, and Monday morning I learned of Dr. Jerry Buss’ passing (look him up, kids and non-sports fans). That was rough for all my fellow Laker fans and I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby. Tuesday was a scheduled vacation day for me, and instead of doing anything productive I continued to do nothing of value, all while feeling guilty that I wasn’t at work. Spent way too much time waiting around at the optometrist, and cursed the dentists in my area for never calling me back because the pain in my bridge was resurfacing. I also cancelled the date that I really wanted to go on that night because Cassie ain’t got time fo dat.

Wednesday was a workday from hell. Thursday was the rescheduling of the Tuesday date but again, Cassie ain’t got time fo dat so I spent the evening with someone else instead. The details of that date are not appropriate for this blog. And Friday was a quiet evening alone, unless you count the box of Girl Scout cookies keeping me company, doing nothing again. Despite all this, I still set my alarm for my Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting.

weigh-in-022313Which I then slept through. Sure, I could have gone to a later meeting or just stopped into the center quickly to weigh in, but I thought to myself: what a waste of time. Just get on the damn scale at home. Since I weighed at home and while naked, I probably would have been the same weight at the center or a little bit more, but whatever. It’s a Christmas miracle that it wasn’t a big gain since it is that time of the month.

Still with me? Sorry, almost done. Saturday was a repeat of Friday afternoon, only I did the dishes. Hooray! But most of the day was spent sleeping or eating random things. Okay, that’s it for my completely mundane week. This morning I got up bright and early and dragged my ass to spin. I really liked this instructor! I’ll probably make her class my regular Sunday one. I feel silly taking up room in the 30-minute beginner class.

I think I’m starting to find my groove with spinning. It’s lightyears more enjoyable for me than running, and I get a hell of a burn each time. Finally, a cardio workout to fill in the gaps of the week when I’m not weight training. And? I kind of like walking past the people at the Starbucks next door when I’m all sweaty in my tight ass pants. Oh they totally stare.