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Super Mae Sunday

Fun fact: the very first website I ever built circa 1997 was called Super Mae Land and hosted on Geocities. Back then, we hand coded in Notepad, organized and archived our blog entries manually in directories, and uploaded everything via FTP. Look it up, kids. 😉

So, I didn’t make it to that 9:30am Zumba class, but it was on purpose, because I decided to hit up an 11:45am Spin class instead. Like most things I attempt, after taking that first spin class, my interest fizzled out almost immediately and I never went back again. Truth be told, it took driving around the block ten times and finally finding a parking spot to decide that I would actually go in and do it. I could have easily given up on the parking spot and gone home, but I need to stop being so flaky.

a376fe346e4211e29f5522000a9f14ae_7It was a short 45-minute beginner class with a lot of time spent instructing newcomers on how to set up their bike, so the spin portion was only about 30 minutes. 30 very efficient, sweaty, and painful minutes. I worked out yesterday, but my stamina is nowhere near its peak, so it was perfect for me. The instructor was awesome! He really made the new folks comfortable.

I nearly passed out during the second position runs (standing up) but I managed to stick it out and not put my butt down before he called time. Sprints were no biggie; I gots some big ass leg muscles, so next time I’ll up the resistance a tad.

The best part is the class is only $10, so I signed up for next Sunday as well. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a regular thing for me. Sunday morning spinner. I like the sound of that. Before then I gotta get some clips for my pretty spin shoes, though my Nike x-trainers held up well.

7d810ae26e5811e2996322000a9f1313_7In yesterday’s Weight Watchers meeting we discussed Super Bowl and the food and parties that come with it. Sure, if the food is there, I’ll probably mindlessly eat it, but to me it’s not a big eating occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It wasn’t second nature to me yet, but I did ignore all the junk and fix my own little elementary school lunch.

That’s 1.5 servings of Popchips tortilla chips, a hard-boiled egg, and grapes for a total of 7PP. The chips weren’t the best use of points, but I can guarantee it’s lightyears better than anything else that was offered.

For dinner, I made Slender Kitchen’s super easy egg salad with some slight modifications (no mustard, and two egg yolks instead of one) for 3PP along with half a light Flat Out wrap for a total of 4PP. As a bonus, I have the other half of the egg salad ready to go for lunch tomorrow.

I’m feeling good. This weekend I had no thought in my mind at all to binge or eat something without tracking it, so it was easy to make the healthy choices. Weight loss professionals and textbooks will tell you not to lose weight for a specific event or establish a deadline, because that can be the kiss of death. But I’ll be honest, I’ve got a wedding coming up (not mine, ha!) in late March, and Fitbloggin’ in June, so…I wanna look good, damn it! Not “goal weight” good, but an improvement over the last couple months, at least.

One day at a time, and day 2 is officially in the books.