Week 3: Autumnal Equinox

As a working adult in Los Angeles, summer break means 50% less traffic. Otherwise, the weather pretty much stays the same year round, so I feel no real difference when fall and winter arrive. I do, however, love all the holidays the new season brings. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, oh my!

Weight Difference Total Loss
Week 3 (9/21/15) 172.2 -1.2 3.6 lbs

Diet & Exercise:
Because I now know my RMR (resting metabolic rate aka calories burned at rest) thanks to my DEXA scan last week, I tracked points along with calories on MyFitnessPal to see how the two lined up. I was curious to see how many points were used when I made food choices based on my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), minus a 20% deficit for weight loss.

  • Average Daily Consumption: 1,576 calories; 30.7 points
  • Average Daily Activity: 560 calories; 5.6 points
  • Weekly Fitbit Stats: 86,287 steps, 33.95 miles, 82 floors
  • Workouts: Strong Curves Week 3 (3x); Cize Crazy 8s and You Got This (3x)

I didn’t end up using any of my 49 weeklies. Instead, I ate back almost all the activity points I earned each day. All of my food choices were based on what I had in my kitchen, what I was craving, or if it was time for protein after a workout. What I mean is, I ate first and thought about the impact later; I didn’t try to make food fit based on how many calories or points I had left.

Anywhoosies…rockin’ and rollin’. Bye now!