Week 2: DEXA Scan Test Results

I think we can officially call this a blogging streak, my friends!

Weight Difference Total Loss
Week 2 (9/14/15) 173.4 -0.8 2.4 lbs

Diet & Exercise:
I was not great at tracking OR exercise this week. I tracked Monday through Friday and half of Saturday, then forgot Sunday existed. I didn’t go off the rails; I was just lazy. So, according to the inaccurate data collected:

  • WP Used: 0 of 49
  • AP Used: 20 of 26
  • Weekly Fitbit Steps: 58,875
  • Workouts: Strong Curves Week 2 (2x); Cize Crazy 8s (2x)

On Saturday morning I visited Body Spec here in LA to set a new body fat percentage baseline. In case you missed it, I’ve had my body fat tested via water tank three times before.  Body Spec administers DEXA scans aka bone density scans instead of hydrostatic tests, which is a big plus for me. The data are not totally comparable, but I plan to utilize DEXA test going forward.

I arrived at the facility wearing lightweight workout clothes containing no metal (zippers, underwire, etc.), and lay down on a large flat bed. The technician monitored the computer while the scanner made its way down my body; it was like I was being photocopied or something. Totally painless, stress-free and took 7 minutes to complete.

Usually the report is generated instantly, but they were experiencing some database problems, so I had to wait around longer than normal (about 10-15 minutes). When the report finally printed, I sat down with a coach who went over my results.


One of the more important stats collected from the test was my Android region–the visceral fat concentrated in my abdominal region. Fat in your belly is considered worse than anywhere else on your body because it surrounds your vital organs. Visceral fat is associated with type 2 diabetes and other obesity-related diseases.

The fat percentage concentrated in this region should not be higher than your total body fat percentage. In my case, my total body fat is 41.4%, and my Android region is 43.2% fat. No good.


The test also confirmed that I carry a lot of junk in my bottom half. Junk all over, really. I’m like a triangle shape.


Click here if you would like to view my complete report (PDF).

In summary: SHIT I’M A FAT BLOB!


Good, I needed to see all this. It was just another kick in my metaphoric balls to keep going until I get back into a healthy range. When I was 283 pounds, I never wanted to see what I looked like so I never took any pictures of myself. When I take this test again in a couple months, I will be glad that I had a starting point to compare the results of my hard work.

The cost of the test is $45, but I purchased a 2-pack test for $85. For comparison, the water tank test is $49 for the first test, and $35 for retests. Google DEXA scan testing centers for options in your area.

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