Holy Crap, it’s September. In 2015!

what-year-is-it-robin-williamsPer my Facebook post yesterday, I’m dipping my toe back into the blogging pool. Be forewarned that I’m going to keep it simple. I’ll post about what I ate, what I’m working on, progress pictures, my weekly weigh-in, and the occasional product review if I stumble upon something amazing. I’m going back to basics and making this a [public] weight loss journal. I am not interested in monetizing the blog or accepting free shit that I feel lukewarm about in exchange for a write-up. (<– That reads bitchier than intended.)

It is only by pure happy coincidence that my last entry referenced starting weights and pictures from September 1, 2014. On this day, one year ago, I weighed 180.8 pounds. Today, I weigh 175.8 pounds. All year long I’ve been beating myself up about not losing any significant weight, but losing 5 instead of gaining 5+ over the course of a year is actually kind of amazing to me.

The orange shorts shots are from 9/1/14 and the black shorts are from 8/31/15. It’s hilarious how many progress pictures I have in my phone that all look nearly identical.

Current Stats
175.8lbs (at 5’0″), 38″ bust, 34¾” waist, 42″ hips, 12½” right bicep, 24½” right thigh, and 19″ right calf. My legs are always going to be the thickest part of my body.

Diet & Exercise
I’m back together with Weight Watchers (26DP), my one true weight loss love. I am following Strong Curves for resistance training and filling in the gaps with Cize for cardio. I don’t like cardio at all, and walking the dogs is enough when you’re lifting weights, but Cize is actually pretty fun. Gotta love Shaun T!

For several months I’ve wandered aimlessly with my diet. More recently I went totally crazy and did keto (low carb) for several weeks. It helped a little, and the lifestyle works for many, but not me. I hated feeling terrified of fruit. I’ve been officially back on Weight Watchers for a couple weeks now, and here are some of my standard go-to meals:

Clockwise from top left:

  • Thomas’ High Protein English Muffin (4pp), 2 tbsp PB2 (1pp), 1 tsp strawberry preserves (0pp)
  • Egg whites (1pp), Wellshire Farms organic bacon (2pp), berries (0pp), 1 slice toast (not pictured; 2pp)
  • Van’s Power Grains waffles (5pp), Wellshire Farms organic bacon (2pp), berries (0pp)
  • FlapJacked protein pancakes (5pp)
  • Skinnytaste Korean grilled chicken breasts (5pp), rice (3pp), slaw with olive oil (2pp)

So, uh, yeah! See you next week!