How was your week?

When you’re almost 32 years old, do not have college binge drinking experience under your belt, are a lot smaller than you once were, and haven’t consumed much alcohol lately, drinking five out of seven days is probably not smart. Especially when, on the final day, you drank so much you haven’t the faintest idea how you made it home in one piece. That was Saturday (Sunday?), it is now Thursday, and I think I am finally shaking off that hangover. Not a good look on me. No more booze for a while. It was fun as hell though.

Photo Sep 14, 7 41 25 PM

On Monday, Bowie had a dental cleaning appointment, and if you’re a dog owner, you know that they have to be put under general anesthesia for a decent one. He’s turning 3 in November and has never had his teeth cleaned, so it was time. Turns out he also had two little tiny teeth that were coming loose, so those had to be extracted. This picture was taken before Bowie knew what was about to happen to him, and before I knew I was about to spend $700 (AGAIN) on one of my dogs.

Photo Sep 16, 7 25 16 AM

Later that day, I had another appointment with Dr. Minniti to replace the tape on my arms. I’m sorry to complain about this again, but the drive from the valley to, well, anywhere outside of the valley is such a fucking pain in my ass. Especially Beverly Hills since it’s not near the 101 or 405.

My boobs and stomach are healing well. My arms, however, were getting really irritated by the tape. When he pulled it off, there was a rash developing on my left arm. A little bit on my right arm as well, but not as bad. He decided to leave the tape off a few days to see how it looks when I come back today. Maybe I won’t need tape anymore and maybe he’ll switch me over to a tape that I can apply myself at home. PLEASE let that be the case! I’ll find out today at noon. It’s already starting to look a little better though. Top row is from Monday and bottom row is last night.

Photo Sep 19, 8 19 31 AM

My left arm is much more swollen than my right (it’s flipped in the photo above), however the scar on my right arm seems to be widening a bit. Hopefully that won’t get much wider.

Today I am expecting a delivery from Pete’s Paleo, which is a Paleo (duh) meal delivery service based out of San Diego. For my first run, I’m getting a week’s worth of lunches and dinners, plus snacks. Their menu looks great and I can’t wait to try it out. I researched and purchased the meals myself and will probably be reviewing them after if I’m not too lazy.

I need some structure back in my life, pronto. I know I always say that. Everyone always says that. I’ll get back there again; I know I will. Last night was a good start; I went to Spin which was my first real workout since having surgery. That jog/walk thing I did on the treadmill doesn’t really count.


I’d been racking my brain trying to find low impact workouts that won’t bore me. Spin is definitely one of them, especially since I don’t have to strain my arms at all, but getting to the spin studio is half the battle. Then I remembered T25. I can’t remember how much arm is involved, but I can probably handle it at this point. I may have to alternate between the regular and modified versions of workouts, but at least it’s something. So yeah, T25 is on the agenda tonight. Me and my old buddy, Shaun T! Together again.

2 thoughts on “How was your week?

  1. September 20, 2013 at 12:27 AM

    Your scars look really well healed and definitely improved after tape removal. WOW 🙂

  2. September 22, 2013 at 4:51 PM

    Looking good! Aside from the rash it sounds like things are going well. Great to see your progress and healing is going well. Thank you for sharing your experience!