WeightWatchers Photo Shoot Update

Remember when this happened? Honestly, I sometimes forget it happened too. That was last October, at the height of my “weight loss career” (because let’s face it, this shit is a full time job). Since then I’ve put out a few singles that have made the top 40 charts, but haven’t had a platinum record in a while.

The reason I bring it up is because yesterday, my friend Danielle rang me with what she called exciting news to share. She works at my company’s franchise location in NYC, which is also where WeightWatchers’ headquarters is. She was signing up a parent for classes (we do Mommy & Me type classes), and when Danielle learned the parent worked for WeightWatchers, naturally she brought me up.┬áThe parent mentioned that, at the WW office, they have a wall decorated with all of their favorite success story photo shoot alumni. Danielle gave her my name, she looked me up, and lo and behold, I made it to the wall!


This was my first time seeing a finished product of my shoot. I don’t remember my dress being that short, nor my legs being that tanned. I’m not on the website or published anywhere else as far as I know; they said they’d give us a heads up before our stories went live. My friend and fellow success story Trixie says it took them over a year to post hers, so I’m not holding my breath. To be honest, appearing on any WeightWatchers marketing materials is just an afterthought at this point. All of the pride, honor, and fun already happened. Still cool seeing my shit eating grin plastered on the wall nevertheless.

Oh WeightWatchers, you just love to love me, despite how badly I treat you. One day, after I’m done sowing my wild oats with MyFitnessPal and the like, I’ll realize that you were the best I ever had.

One thought on “WeightWatchers Photo Shoot Update

  1. Deb
    May 8, 2013 at 10:04 PM

    I too strayed and then went back to WW after a while because it was what worked. Should have stayed there all along, but I didn’t.