Report Card: May 2013

Measurement May 1st May 31st Difference
Body Weight 159.6lbs 153.8lbs -5.8lbs
Body Fat Percentage 26.0%* 0.0
Bust 34″* 35″ +1″
Waist 31″* 31″ 0″
Hips 36″* 37.5″ +1.5″
Right Bicep 12″* 12.5″ +0.5″
Right Thigh 20″* 21″ +1″
*Taken from last known measurement on October 27, 2012.
Favorite Accomplishment: Completing my longest run, EVER! 6.07 miles, 12:09 pace; 1:13:46 overall. It is slow, but it is DONE.
Overall Grade: B+

It’s funny how weight loss works when you actually put in the effort. In the month of May, I felt like the old Mae, making the right food choices 90% of the time, with workout days outnumbering rest days by a whole bunch. Most importantly, I did it without starving myself. My daily calorie goal is 1600, and when I had a tough workout, I ate to make up for it. If you’re curious about my daily food intake, I publicized my MyFitnessPal food diary again and can be accessed from the menu on the right of this page. Or here. (Note: I got really lazy with tracking one or two days this week.)

Unfortunately, the last time I took my measurements was back in October during my lowest weight of 147-148, so I can only compare my current stats against those. Since then, I apparently grew about an inch in every direction! Oh well. June 30th will be better. FYI, my body fat percentage was last tested via water tank around the same time as I took my measurements, and if I had to guess, I went up a percentage or two, but I’ve been surprised before. This stat will likely only be updated once every six months. I really don’t want to be dunking in the tank every month. That shit is scary!

Photo May 29, 6 42 28 AM

While I don’t have my exact inches from the beginning of the month, I can definitely say that I shrunk. I bought this dress from Modcloth in a size S back in February, and it had zero chance of fitting back then. I couldn’t even get it over my hips when it was completely unzipped! Every few weeks I’d try it on again, and though I got a touch closer each time, the outlook was bleak. On Wednesday, I extracted it from the depths of my closet and tried once again. Considering I could hardly breathe while wearing it, I wouldn’t exactly say that it fit, per se, but hey, it zipped up!

I hope you like this new format of progress reporting. At this point in my weight loss career, weekly weigh-ins seem overkill. Provided I keep this good streak going (and I will!), next month’s grades will be stellar. Some exciting things are happening in June, but I’ll fill you in on those once they happen.

2 thoughts on “Report Card: May 2013

  1. May 31, 2013 at 11:42 AM

    You look ah-mazing! I don’t care what any ole scale says, but you’re kicking the scale’s butt too! Great job 😉

  2. May 31, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    You look great! I like the monthly reflection/weigh in report. I think it’s a better overall view than week by week!