Week 79: Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Part 2

OH MAH GAWD. So that I could refer back to it easily, I loaded my first body fat test post from July in a new tab while I wrote this one. I can’t believe I had a (now corrected) typo in the title this whole time. The horror! Why didn’t any of you jerks tell me?

This morning I got up bright and early as usual, emptied my bladder, and stood naked on my trusty medical grade digital scale. It had been a weird week of feeling lethargic and super snacky, so I am pleased to see that I somewhat maintained.

Weight Difference Total Loss
Week 79 148.0 +0.2 135.3lbs

Then I put on my swimsuit, comfy sweats, grabbed my towel and headed out for my hydrostatic body fat retest. It was the same woman that administered the test before and she remembered me as well, so that was nice. I won’t get into too much detail about the test itself since I already did that in the original post, but I will say that the dunking part did not get easier. If anything it felt more terrifying. It is so unnatural expelling all the air in your lungs and then submerging yourself in water. She had to lecture me again about not panicking, and on the third try I managed to get it right. Below are the results along with the stats from my previous tests:

Fat (lbs)
Lean (lbs)
Fat (%)
Lean (%)

My 26% puts me in the “fair” category, but I am quite pleased with my progress. A little over 10 pounds of pure fat lost, but also 4 pounds of lean mass lost (which isn’t ideal, for the record). The tester thinks I’m probably not eating enough, which might be true, but I am more than likely not eating enough smart calories.

This brings me to another topic…the veganish thing. As much as I’ve enjoyed the experience, learning new things, and even making new friends, I think it is time for me to reintroduce animals into my diet. There are certainly ways to get complete proteins from non-animal sources, but I will be honest: I’m far too lazy to put in the effort. Also? It’s really hard to be plant-based when you don’t really like vegetables. Yes, I am nearly 31 years old and you still have to force me to eat my veggies.

Now I’m not gonna go out and buy ten pounds of steak and five gallons of milk or anything. I will most likely continue eating the way I’m eating now except with dairy yogurt, egg whites, sometimes fish, sometimes chicken, and the occasional full fat cheese. Whenever there is an animal-free option I will choose it. I can already feel you judging me. Stop looking at me like that! Ahhh!

Anyway, today’s National Health Blog Post Month prompt is: Post About a Conversation With Your Doctor. I’ll make this quick and dirty. This took place with a gynocologist I saw only once in probably 2002 or 2003 for the first womanly checkup I had had in years (back then I had HMO).

Doctor: Irregular periods, obese, acne. You have all the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Me: Uh, that sounds terrible. What…is that exactly?
She sat down, softened her voice, gave me the “concerned” eyes, and said…
Doctor:  Ahem, well, you see, PCOS makes it that much harder for you to have children.
Me: Oh. Ha! Well that’s a bummer, I guess. That must suck for women who want kids.
Doctor: Yes… that is… okay, I see. Well, good then. We’ll have your pap results in a week.

4 thoughts on “Week 79: Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Part 2

  1. November 3, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    We had the same convo in regards to PCOS. Only I ended up having an ovarian cyst removed in 2002. Bleh! My symptoms have improved and I am actually looking forward to when I have medical insurance to go get a full physical and get everything checked out. Your 4% fat loss is fantastic!