Thighs on a Plane

Enough is enough. I’ve had it with these mothafuggin’ thunder thighs on this mothafuggin’ plane.

I’m sorry about that. I was determined to make the reference work.

The point I tried and failed to make, was that a lot of overweight people struggle with airplane seats. The last time I had to fly anywhere I was at or around my heaviest weight, and I just barely fit. I was wedged in there pretty good but I didn’t spill over to my neighbor or need a belt extension. If I continued down the same path, it would have been a different story.

With all the planning and preparing for this photo shoot trip, it only occurred to me this morning that I’d be sitting in an airplane seat at my lowest adult weight ever. I have short legs, so leg room is never a problem for me, but once I sit down I can’t really move at all. No reaching under to grab something from my bag, or shifting into a comfortable position to take a nap.

On this morning’s flight, I had plenty of room to cross my legs comfortably and move around freely. That turned out to be kind of a bad thing because I’m a notorious fidgeter, can’t freakin’ sit still ever. And since I don’t have as much ass padding anymore, my tailbone was sore as hell by the end of the flight. But I’ll take a sore tailbone and fidgeting over stuffed in a seat any day.

Landed in New York at about 3pm local time, and a very long and smelly taxi ride later I was settled in my room. It is truly a Mae-sized room; I can reach everything in the room without even getting off the bed. But I can’t complain, and I’m not. At all. Shit still feels so unreal right now.

Long, long day, and another long day tomorrow, so I must ignore my grumbling stomach, sign off for the night, and get some beauty sleep. My call time is 10am tomorrow, so I have time to get a decent breakfast that I didn’t have the luxury of having this morning.┬áMany, many, many more details, and maybe some photos, to come tomorrow night when it’s all over. But for now, some things never change. A little Dr. Reid and psychopath serial killers to help me fall asleep.

One thought on “Thighs on a Plane

  1. October 19, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    I used to have the same problem and would DREAD having to fly anywhere. When I realized that I could take Amtrak places I was delighted because they had bigger seats!! Early this year when I had to fly to NYC I was walking through the airport and saw one of the airline staff pushing someone in a wheelchair and it dawned on me that had I continued the way I was going that I could have been in the wheelchair – unable to get myself between points A and B. This time, however, not only was I walking myself through the airport but I’d picked up a copy of Runner’s World on my way…. and then I sat down in the airplane and was able to buckle my seat belt without an extender. Seriously, I wanted to cry.