Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Pounding the Pavement

Ever since my rock, and roll, and crash incident in the beginning of January, I’ve been terrified of running outside. It wasn’t even the possibility of twisting my ankle on some freak mini-boulder in the middle of the sidewalk, but tripping somewhere on a busy street and falling in front of a line of cars while I desperately cling to Bowie’s leash. Don’t ask, I think up the strangest scenarios in my head to be worried about.

Last Monday I started Bridge to 10K on the treadmill, and though it was 40 minutes broken up into 10-minute increments with 1-minute walks in between, it was painful. By the fourth 10-minute run I could only manage a snail’s pace of 4.0. Shit, I thought this was supposed to get easier for me? I was discouraged; my faux runner’s high had worn off, and I had totally bitten off more than I could chew. I attempted week 1/day 2 three, count ’em, THREE times before finally seeing it to completion tonight.

The best part of it all? Well, there were three awesome things about my run tonight. 1) Bowie and I finally ran outside! And it was great! It was dark out, and there were a few sketchy moments in poorly lit areas, but a success nonetheless. 2) According to the app’s GPS, we ran a new record 4.33 miles! 3) And, my run pace was an incredible (for me) 11:21/mile.

I’m too lazy to look up the exact stats, but my week 1/day 1 run on the treadmill yielded only 3.59 miles with something like a 14:30 pace. What the what? I did not seriously shave nearly three minutes off my mile, did I?

For a while I was convinced that I ran faster on a treadmill than on pavement, and I still honestly think that’s the case, but maybe I’m just totally stupid and wrong. The app’s GPS map of my run was pretty freakin’ accurate down to the zigzags I did down some streets, so the mileage has to be right. That means the time’s gotta be right too. I’m being cautiously proud of what I did tonight, but it has also given me hope that I just might be the runner that I kinda want to be. My phobia of running outside is pretty much gone, and I’m so looking forward to beating my pace on Thursday when I wrap up the first week of Bridge to 10K.