Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

A Tad Burnt Out

They say that you never feel bad or regret it after you finish a workout. They lied. My gut was telling me (no pun intended) to rest tonight, because five days in a row of feeling the burn might be too much. Since I only did C25K yesterday, I felt maybe I could work some of my muscles with Workout A of the plan I concocted. Despite a vigorous warmup, and doing jumping jacks between each set of exercises, I only managed to stay in my target heart rate zone for 6 minutes of my 30-minute long workout. Come on! Really? I could blame it on a faulty signal from the chest strap to the watch, but it is more likely that I just wasn’t that into it tonight.

My current funk may or may not have anything to do with stupid boys, or the fact that it appears as though I’m getting my period… AGAIN! I just had it two weeks ago! What the hell is going on with my lady parts? But if getting my period this week means I’ll see another epic loss on the scale next week, then by all means, bleed, baby, bleed. TMI? Yeah probably.

Tomorrow, I will rest. Unless I have enough energy to finish week 3 of C25K. It’s only running, right? It’s a long holiday weekend for me, and my parents and brother will be in town visiting so I’m sure I’ll rest then. And now, I must sleep. 9:45pm is just way too late for this gal to be up.