Monthly Archives: February 2012

What doesn’t kill you…

…might certainly still make you sore as hell all over. My legs hurt. My back and shoulders hurt. My hamstrings want to detach themselves from my bones. And I’m walking with the speed and agility of a 90-year-old with advanced osteoporosis.

Today was just about the laziest day I’ve had in months. The sun was still sleeping by the time I woke up at 7am, and that set the tone for the rest of the day. I got up to eat breakfast, then went back to bed. Got up to eat lunch, went back to bed. Got up for snacks in between, went back to bed. At 3pm I realized how ridiculous I was being, so I changed into my running clothes. And then went back to bed.

Okay, now I was just being stupid. The odd thing was I was excited to start week 4 of Couch 2 5K, even had to talk myself out of doing it yesterday. Despite being frightened to death about jogging for five minutes straight, I was eager to test myself. But my body was rebelling, wanting nothing more than to sleep.

Eventually the mind won, and I completed the workout. There were several instances during the jogging intervals that I wanted to quit, but I dug deep and powered through. I kept thinking about the 200+, 300+ pound people on The Biggest Loser busting ass on the treadmill, so there’s no reason I can’t do it either. The trick here was to never, ever, ever look at the clock. Nothing can discourage me more than huffing and puffing through an interval and looking down and seeing that I’ve still got three minutes to go.

Halfway through the final five minutes of jogging, I thought my legs were going to give up. Ironically, speeding up was the answer. My legs were probably getting bored at the pace I was running. I got down on the mat to stretch when it was all over (speaking of, I keep forgetting to search for proper post-run stretching routines) and I could barely reach my toes. Flexibility was always something I excelled in, even at my heaviest. Yesterday’s workout was tough on my hammies, so I’m thinking I kinda overdid it today.

Tomorrow will be an unscheduled rest day, which fits because Angie and I will be going out for a much needed dinner, drinks and gossip session. I miss that gal!