My name is Mae. I’m a thirty-something professional Designer & Tech Nerd living in Los Angeles (The Valley) with my guy and our two boxer dogs. This blog is about the things I’ve done and the stuff I’ve eaten on the way to losing 135 pounds, regaining 50 pounds, and trying to lose it again. This time around, I know what my personal healthy weight is, and I’m done chasing an unattainable number based on outdated medical charts.

You can read about my weight loss story here, or browse through my archives to the right. I don’t blog very frequently anymore, but please do hang out with me on FacebookInstagram, and MyFitnessPal. That’s where I post most of my progress, workouts, and easy meal ideas. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Contact Me

Email me: mae [at] reducedfatgirl [dot] com

Please note that I do not post here regularly anymore, and have very little interest in monetizing or growing the blog. It’s just a hobby!

Last update: April 23, 2018